The influence of customer experience on behavioral response in lifestyle centers in Bangkok


  • Amornrat Pattarakitham


Customer experience, Environment stimuli, Social interaction, Tenant mix, Re-visit intention


The purpose of this paper is to explore the influence of customer experience on consumer behavior towards lifestyle centers in Bangkok using the Stimulus-Organism-Response (S-O-R) model. In addition, the influences of the stimuli such as mall environment, customer-to-customer interaction, and mall tenant mix (variety), on behavioral response (revisit intention and desire to stay) were found in this study. A self-administered questionnaire was employed to collect data from customers who had visited lifestyle centers in Bangkok area in the period during which the study was conducted. The survey period was during January 2013, and 492 questionnaires were used to analyze the data by using a structural equation modeling (SEM) approach. Results show that affective dimension of customer experience has the greatest influence on the revisit intention and the desire to stay. Mall tenant mix (variety) has the greatest influence on the affective dimension of customer experience, followed by store social interaction, and the ambient factor. Customer-to-customer interaction also influences both the revisit intention and the desire to stay but has a lesser influence on the desire to stay than the ambient factor.